This past weekend I was back at my parent’s house again for one night. This meant I had the opportunity to visit Melbourne Hall and Gardens. It’s a place I didn’t even know I’d existed until recently even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Melbourne having grown up only a 5-minute drive away.

The Hall is tucked away from the road in the southeast corner of Melbourne and is not visible from the road. The Hall and Gardens have this high wall all the way around which can be partly seen from the road but doesn’t give much away to what is behind. Entering from the main road there is a church to the right and a private road leading through to a beautiful lake and from the lakeside, you can see what would have been the main entrance to the hall at one point in time.

Before you reach the lake, on the left is the entrance to the rest of the estate where there are a couple of shops and tearooms. Further past the tearooms is the entrance to the gardens and presumably the hall. The gardens are open from 1.30pm till 5.30pm and unfortunately, I arrived at 11 am and didn’t have time to wait around. The Hall itself isn’t open to the public until August. This is due to the Hall actually still being lived in by the current residents.

I am looking forward to going back to explore the gardens and photograph the other sides of the hall from inside the gardens. Keep an eye out on the blog for a follow-up post.

Melbourne is a beautifully picturesque town full of history and heritage and this Hall fits in perfectly. The hall is almost a hidden benefit with so much more going on in Melbourne itself.

Check out the photos I captured below of the Hall and surrounding grounds.