Man, it has been hot this past week. Thursday we had highs of 34 degrees which was totally disgusting. That kind of heat rarely ever happens in the UK.

I really do love summer. It’s my favourite time of the year but when it gets as warm as it has been this week, it becomes unbearable to function. All motivation no longer exists and just existing takes its place.

On top of that, I think I speak for everyone when I say that sleeping becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Or at least getting a good nights sleep.

With temperatures still being well into the ’20s throughout the night and living in a country not equipped for this kind of weather, hoping for the ability to sleep is the best you can do.

Anyway, I felt I was coping at first. The odd day with slightly less sleep is never too bad. But by the 5th day, it starts to take its toll on me mentally.

Each day as soon as I wake up I feel the dread and anxiety throughout my body. I close my eyes in the hope of falling back to sleep but it never happens. My mind has a grip on me and forces me awake to worry and think about how hard the days going to be due to a bad nights sleep.

The days got harder. A general low feeling was present throughout each day. To be fair I’ve never stopped feeling this way I think, it’s just not being quite so busy and the hot weather preventing me from doing so much has made me more aware of the low feeling I still feel all the time.

Thankfully, the warm weather has passed for now and it’s been slightly cooler which has allowed me to catch up on some sleep!

Milo shit in his cage

Tuesday morning was one of those mornings I want to forget about. I hadn’t slept the best and had been awake multiple times throughout the night but I hadn’t heard a peep out of Milo. Until cue 6 am and I can hear him barking quite frantically.

I rushed downstairs and he’s clawing at his cage to get out. I let him out and he goes straight to the garden and has a huge diarrhoea shit. At first, I was like thank god I woke up but then this putrid smell hit me from inside the house. I walked into where his cage is kept and look into his cage and there was shit everywhere.

I’m not going to lie I wanted to cry. I was beyond tired and had already been struggling dog sitting already. I contemplated leaving or at least going back to bed and dealing with it later. But I couldn’t leave his cage in that state and I also realised he was covered in his own shit from where he has laid in it.

I put on my big boy pants and pulled myself together and got to work cleaning up. I had agreed to dog-sit and it was my responsibility to look after him no matter what happened so that’s exactly what I did.

It took me a few days to get over the events which transpired. But I chalked it up to one of those things which happens and I managed to handle and cope with the situation. It’s all a learning experience and it just proves that I am continuously moving forward with my recovery despite things seeming to slow down slightly.

Gastroenterologist referral denied

One morning this week I was greeted by a phone call from my doctor’s office which is highly unusual for them to ring me. The phone call was to inform me that my referral had been denied and some advice had been given instead. The advice also needed to be given to me by my doctor via another phone call later in the week.

This all felt strange especially after the fact I had received confirmation of a telephone consultation already.

A few days later I received my follow up phone call from my doctor to explain my referral had been denied for the time being due to having not tried all the available medication and having not been on any medication recently. This annoyed me as one of the medications I had previously been on and had asked for some more of recently but my request wasn’t granted and the second was never offered to me in the last 10 years of going to the doctors suffering from IBS.

In typical fashion, as my recent appointments had gone, my doctor was trying to get off the phone as quick as possible and didn’t explain how the medications were to be taken apart from I needed to give them a go for 2 months and if there was no improvement then they could put through the referral again.

Later the same day I got my phone call for the consultation to be passed on the same message which had already been delivered to me by my doctor.

I feel a little disheartened and that my doctors are incompetent in their job or at least in their care towards me. Either way, there isn’t much I can do right now. I am willing to give the meds another go and hope they work out. If not I always have the referral to fall back on and if all else fails, pursuing something private is always an option.