Last week the inevitable happened and I had to leave my job after a steady decline in my mental health. I was and still am not in a good place but I couldn’t bear to face my parents last week so I spent my usual working hours and more out of the house to keep myself busy in order to have it look like I was still employed.

I did, however, tell them at the weekend and it went a lot better than expected. They seemed to be well aware of how bad my mental health had become and that although they weren’t happy I no longer had a job they knew I needed help again and my current circumstances doing me any good.

Wednesday was the first full day of having no job so I decided to head to the coast. Derbyshire is just about the most inland place possible and the closest coast is to the East which is about a two-hour drive. As a kid, we use to go to Skegness all the time so I decided that would be the place I would go seems though I hadn’t been in probably something like 15 years.

Now I know it is December and you are probably thinking what the hell but I just needed to go and be by the sea. I didn’t care that it was cold, I needed to go and do something to take my mind off what I was going through and what better place than the coast.

Of course, being December seaside towns like Skegness are in the offseason so it was weirdly quiet and completely shut down for the foreseeable winter months so I decided to capture what Skegness in the offseason looks like.

Check out the images I captured below;