To the west of Derbyshire, close to the border of Staffordshire, lies the late 17th-century Sudbury Hall.

I visited Sudbury Hall very briefly a few years ago and was only able to take one single picture of the hall before I had to head home due to my ill health and inability to be out of the house for long periods of time. This time, however, was quite the contrast. Getting out of the house and learning to live with my anxiety has been something I have been working on so coming back to Sudbury Hall to explore and admire this beautiful piece of architecture was in a way to show myself how far I have come in my recovery.

With the car park a couple of hundred meters away on the opposite side of the road, you have to take a small walk along a winding path before you set eyes upon the hall which is set back from the road with a well-kept lawn and gravel out in front. From the road, there is a large enough parting between the few trees to give you the perfect view of the hall in all its glory.

This visit I was able to take my time and admire this stunning piece of history and really capture it from as many angles as possible. However, being short on cash I wasn’t able to explore further as Sudbury Hall is part of the National Trust and does require a membership or payment to explore the house and the rest of the grounds.

Fortunately, I am now a member of the National Trust having joined just a couple of days after my visit. So I will be sure enough to head back and capture the rest of this amazing place.