I wasn’t planning on heading up to Elvaston Castle quite so soon. Growing up this was a place my family and I visited often so it has a lot of memories and is also a fantastic place to visit and walk around.

The reason I wasn’t planning on coming here so soon was that there are so many places I want to visit that I haven’t been to be before. However, travelling and exploring isn’t just a hobby and something I enjoy doing, it is a huge part of my recovery from my mental health difficulties.

It was only a few months ago I couldn’t leave my house at all. My life and existence were confined to the four walls of my parent’s house. Although I will always struggle for the rest of my life I am glad to be seeing the back of this part of my life. I am very happy to be able to travel and visit all of these places again and continue to push myself and travel further afield and see all the places I want to. That also means I will be able to share it all with you guys.

In the past, I usually wait for some good weather before visiting places to explore and photograph. However, that really limits the amount I can explore given the typical British weather so I have made a conscious effort, as long as the weather isn’t horrendous, to get out even if the sun isn’t shining.

Apart from my white trainers coming back a slightly different shade of white (yes I know, not the best choice of footwear colour given the weather) I managed to beat the rain and actually really enjoyed myself even without any sunshine. If I am being honest I actually took some of my favourite photos I have for a while on this trip.

The House

Elvaston Castle is a Grade II* listed country house. It forms the centrepiece of a 350-acre estate that also includes 16 Grade II buildings and a Grade II* registered Park and Garden.

At the heart of the estate is the house itself. Depending on which way you access the estate depends on which entrance you come to first.

If you enter the estate from Elvaston village you come across the stunning blue/turquoise/gold gate which leads to a long path with trees and bushes either side before it opens up and you see the house for the first time.

The main entrance from the car park is a little less extravagant but brings you right into the courtyard where you can choose where you want to head to next.

The Grounds, Gardens + More

The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a church, a lake with lots of amazing wildlife, stunning woodland areas with more smaller historic buildings dotted throughout for you to walk around and enjoy.

I tried to capture as much of the grounds as possible but I don’t think I quite did it justice. However, I was fortunate enough to see and capture some geese and their new offspring grazing the grass which was a really amazing site.

Elvaston Village

Some extra images from Elvaston village that I couldn’t help taking whilst on my walk into the estate.

Whether you are from Derbyshire or not, Elvaston castle is a must-visit.