Every morning for the last few weeks I have been venturing out for a walk as part of my recovery. It came as part of tackling some safety behaviours and taking my anxiety with me rather than continuously trying to run away and avoid it.

Anxiety has left my world so small I generally donโ€™t leave the house all that much and when I do I am met with intense amounts of anxiety often leading to panic attacks and then avoiding going out even more.

So although leaving the house for a small walk for most people would be an easy task, for me it is a monumental task and has taken a lot to make sure I do it every day and at times having to force myself out whilst the anxiety is consuming me and enduring it and putting in some better coping mechanisms and experimenting with how my body and mind react.

Up until now I have experienced positive results and slowly started to walk further away from home and continue to challenge my anxiety. I love being outside and even though I know my village like the back of my hand it has been refreshing to capture images of the houses, buildings and places around where I live.

It has not been easy, I have had setbacks and some panic attacks whilst out. Some days have been more difficult than others but I feel as though I am heading in the right direction. My anxiety, in general, does feel like it has increased with this change especially but they do say things always get worse before they get better and this resonates so true with anxiety. What people donโ€™t tend to tell you is recovery is tough and you are going to feel really shit and more anxious at times but you need to stick with it and continue to keep working with your therapist or whatever healthcare professional you have.

Below you will find some of the images I have captured thus far.

(All images were taken on iPhone and edited in Adobe Lightroom)