Since the start of 2019, I have been putting together a list of places I want to visit locally once the weather improved. The list at the moment mainly includes halls/houses/castles etc as I am fascinated by architecture. These hold historic landmarks are truly spectacular to go and capture as well.

Hoar Cross Hall was the next closest on my list after Catton Hall which I checked out recently. This grade II listed building is now a hotel and spa and is absolutely stunning.

Now I visited with the sole intention of taking photos of the exterior but I wish I had the funds to spend a couple of days there and check out the inside and take advantage of the spa and everything else they have to offer (maybe one day!).

The grounds were easily accessible. I chose a lay-by just down the road outside of the church to park my car so I could walk up and take in some more to the surrounding area but the car park was more than big enough if I had wanted to park in there.

The building itself is remarkable. It is truly a piece of art in itself. In a way, I’m glad I didn’t get round to coming until the spring because not only was the weather amazing with the sun shining but the flowers were in bloom and the trees starting to show their colour which made for an even better sight for my eyes and amazing photos of course.

The only downside to this trip was that this building is a hotel and spa so there are paying guests so it was tricky to get some of the shots I wanted as there were a fair few people around and I wanted to be as respectful as I possibly could to not disturb them and take away from their experience.