The first time I heard of the abandoned army barracks in Marchington was when I was about 17 and a friend I used to work with, invited me to go with him and his friends there one night.

Unfortunately, due to my work shifts, I was unable to go and to be honest going round abandoned supposedly haunted army barracks didn’t appeal to me.

After exploring the other abandoned buildings recently I remembered about the army barracks and decided it was time to go and see them for myself. Obviously in the day as well. I’m still not sure about the whole going to abandoned places in the dark.

At first, the barracks were a nightmare to find. I had googled them and I only got the name of the road and I already knew roughly where Marchington is so I thought that would be enough. However, after driving around for a while going up and down every road into Marchington I didn’t come across any sign or even see anything resembling what looked like army barracks.

Eventually, I decided to pull over and look at Google maps on the satellite setting to see if I could see them. With roughly knowing where they were with the road name I finally came across what I thought we’re the barracks and I gave it another shot at finding them. Several more passes up and down the road, I still couldn’t see any barracks but there was a layby where an entrance should be which I pulled over in. I got out my car and climbed the mound next to the layby and sure enough, the mound was covering an old entrance to a small road and in the distance, you could make out at least one building.

I grabbed my camera and tripod and hopped the mound and set out down the mostly weed-filled road before more buildings came into view. The barracks were fenced in so at first I took a walk around the full compound via the road which went all the way around. There were 6 buildings inside the fence, 2 of them basically back to back and the other 4 facing each other on either side of the ones back to back in a symmetrical layout.

As I walked around I found a way in via some holes which had been cut into the perimeter fence. Inside the fence everything was overgrown and the paths were now none existent which made it difficult navigating my way to the barracks themselves. All of the barracks had metal sheets attached to all the downstairs entrances and windows to stop people from gaining access however a couple had one or two missing possibly from previous urban explorers or vandals.

I explored the two I was able to get into and the bottoms floors were pitch black thanks to the metal sheets which made me really uncomfortable being there on my own but with after plucking up a bit of courage I persevered and used my flashlight on my phone to make my way upstairs to the second and third floor. The barracks were pretty much completely empty as expected but what creeped me out the most was the texts graffitied on the walls everywhere especially as I had heard the barracks were haunted.

I didn’t stick around too long, I took a few photos and then headed on my way.

I’m tempted to head back soon but maybe with someone else this time to put myself a bit more at ease.

Check out some of the photos I took below;