Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 Camera Bag

As my camera gear is growing it has become increasingly difficult to juggle everything as I try to leave the house to go out and shoot. Sometimes its a couple of trips to the car and back or I take the risk of putting everything in my normal rucksack and hoping nothing gets scratched or broken. One is time-consuming and the other could potentially be costly.

I had been toying with the idea of spending a small amount of money on a compartment to put in my rucksack for my camera and lenses and then an additional pouch for my cables, charger and everything else. This would have solved my problem for now but as I continue to add more gear to my collection it wouldn’t take long before I would need something longer term with more space.

A camera bag had obviously crossed my mind but from my quick searches, they all looked out of my current budget. Before making a decision I had a google and looked at what was available and then I came across the Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 Bag. This bag is relatively cheap and with the gear, I have at the moment would last me for a while and give me more than enough room to add new stuff in the future. The other benefit of this bad is the clips on the side to attach my tripod which can be a pain to carry in general and when shooting on the move and I need to utilise both hands.

This bag, in particular, happened to be on offer during Amazons Boxing Day sale so it was a no-brainer to pick it up without breaking the bank and saving myself a bit extra as I was more than likely going to buy it anyway.

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