Jumper Obession

As of lately the only clothes I seem to buy are either Jumpers or Jackets and my jumper collection keeps growing and growing. Moving into spring soon and I know my wear of warmer clothing is going to get increasingly limited, well there is always a possibility with English weather we never know what we are in for, so I’m going to make the most of wearing them while I can.

This jumper is the latest piece that I have purchased and it is from ZARA. I was only window shopping when I came across this and I knew I had to buy it. I fell in love immediately with not only the colour but the look and feel it has. If I could wear it every day and get away with it I’m pretty sure I would.

Styled with the black jeans that I tailored and altered myself and my All Saints shoes.

Modelled and styled by Ethan Kent

Photography by Harry Tomlinson

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