Over the last few weeks when I’ve not been at work I’ve been searching for abandoned buildings in Derbyshire to go and explore.

I don’t know what it is but abandoned places have always fascinated me especially when some of these places are old factories/warehouses etc and were once the place of business and jobs. And now they sit in ruin, run down and more often than not an eyesore to look at.

The first building, if you are from Derby will know. It is the old Friargate Railway station, it is now a grade II listed buildings that has been abandoned possibly since the late ’60s. As a listed building it cannot be demolished but the building hasn’t been maintained and for the most part, is inaccessible. There a few ways in however with the flooring pretty much none existent it wasn’t worth the risk trying to get in to see the inside.

The second building is the Union Foundry/Aida Bliss abandoned factory which was built in 1840. This factory was built next to the River Derwent and is accessible from near Chester Green. There is a bridge across the Derwent and if you climb down the side of the bridge you can gain access to one of the side buildings and then pass through that building, across a parking lot and into the main factory building.

I had a lot of fun exploring this factory and I actually came back on another two occasions for photoshoots with my good friend Harry.

Check out some of the images I took below;