Calke Abbey is another place I have found myself a frequent visitor in recent years. The un-stately home, as it is described, has a vast estate which if you enjoy nice long walks with beautiful scenery, I can’t recommend this place enough.

As the weekend rolled around I was desperate to get out and explore some more. The weather was somewhat relatively pleasant Saturday morning and it wasn’t until the afternoon the rain was set to fall. So I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get out of the house for a few hours with my camera.

As part of the national trust, you do need to be a member or pay on the day to gain access to the house, gardens, stables and park. However, if you choose not to park in the main parking lot and opt for parking in the local villages, Ticknall and Calke, located either side then you can still enjoy the stunning walks around the grounds.

As I am planning on visiting lots more National Trusts places over the next year membership is something I am going to purchase as soon as I can afford one. A membership gives you free access to all national trust places including parking which I could greatly benefit from as these trips can add up quickly and as I have said before, money is tight for me at this moment in time.

Calke Abbey Hall

When visiting in the past I have been only to walk around the grounds but this time I wanted to get some better photos of the house and explore the gardens. I only paid for access to the gardens I wasn’t too fussed ongoing into the hall but this gave me the opportunity to see the house close up and not only admire this amazing piece of architecture but photography it as well.

The Gardens

I didn’t know what to expect of the gardens as they are kept within the main grounds by a gate and you are unable to see them from the rest of the estate when doing any of the many walks. As you pass past the house and up the hill in front of it, there is a woodland area, you continue to walk through on the path and to the right leads up to the church and to the left lie the spectacular gardens.

The Wildlife

My favourite part of Calke Abbey is by far the wildlife. Roaming freely throughout the grounds are a flock are rare-breed Portland sheep. They pass over the roads leading in unfazed by the cars. At this time of the year, lambing is in full swing and the fields are littered with lambs.

Also, kept undisturbed in the deer park of 67 acres are a herd of around 30 red deer and 80 fallow deer. In the park at this time of the year can be seen the fallow fawns and red calves which is a beautiful site for any wildlife lovers.