I was back home for a couple of days a few weeks ago and there is this place about a mile away from my home which I have driven past literally thousands of times and I always thought looked pretty cool and that I should check it out sometime.

The last couple of years of having been exploring the art of photography I especially wanted to check out this place because of how cool it looked and if it lived up to my expectations then it would make for some cool photos.

So being home with little to do, as none of my stuff is their anymore, I decided to head out and finally explore this place.

This place is like a large pond? I donโ€™t even know how to describe it other than itโ€™s a body of water with dead trees emerging from it. From what I could tell there is no visible source of water supplying it. Itโ€™s also only a few metres from the main road and some houses are relatively close by but its kind of just in the middle of nowhere.

There was only one good side to shoot this place from and the other 3 were not very accessible due to being on other peoples land and bushes etc being in the way to get a composition I liked.

I chose to edit these photos in black and white because I felt it was a very fitting mood for the scene. The fact the trees were all dead and this time of the year everything is bleak anyway, the black and white edit brings out the mood even more.

I really enjoyed taking these images even though it was so cold and I couldn’t feel my fingers after a few minutes after getting out of my car.

Check out the images below;