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Quarter Life Crisis? Make It A Beautiful One

Quarter Life Crisis? Make It A Beautiful One

Mental health, like men, comes in many shapes and sizes. Some people suffer from bi-polar, some from depression and others from a quarter-life crisis. As made up as it sounds, reaching milestones is a scary prospect, even in your younger years.

No matter how many people say 30 is the 20, the mind can’t help but turn. Things run through your head that fills you with dread, such as should I get married? Do I want kids? Am I far enough ahead in my career?

It’s inevitable to ponder the big questions in life. So, if it’s going to happen anyway, you may as well do it in style.

Suit Up

Gone are the days when you could rock a pair of high-tops like the coolest hipster in town. That phase of your life is over with and it’s time to move on and embrace adulthood. Sure, creaking body parts and greying or balding hair aren’t nice, but there are pros. For example, the suit. Men never appear more distinguished than in a three-piece with matching shoes and a belt. And, as a thirty-year-old, you must buy bespoke and dazzle the ladies on the street. Nope, that those, the ones that aren’t on the street corner!

Photo by  Shamim Nakhai  on  Unsplash

Photo by Shamim Nakhai on Unsplash

Believe In Short And Sweet

Ageing means the hair starts to go and it isn’t a nice feeling. However, no one wants to be the guy who desperately clings on to his locks and looks a fool. Instead, the best option is to keep it short and sweet and embrace the follicly-challenged tag. The odds are that you won’t go completely bald start away anyway, so you can rock the shaved-head style. If things go pear-shaped, then think of the likes of Jason Statham, a baldy with Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a partner. Short is sexy.

Avoid Clichéd Cars

Everyone knows you are going through a bad patch when you turn up in a lime green Lamborghini. No one else in their right mind would invest in a monstrosity unless they were suffering from mental problems. Don’t fall into the trap, guys – it isn’t a great look. Rather, head to Saxton 4x4 and peruse their selection of status symbols. A Rolls Royce is expensive and powerful, but it’s elegant and worldly also. The same goes for a Bentley or an Aston Martin. Go for the James Bond look instead of the James May one.

Remember What You Have

Do you have a wife, girlfriend or a partner? If the answer is yes, please don’t let the occasion get into your head. Okay, things are a little ropey at the minute what with the crisis going on in your head. But, upping and leaving for another woman is rarely the answer. In fact, it’s the antithesis of what you need because it means you’re running away from the problems. When in doubt, remember this quote: “Your quarter/mid-life is your first moment in life to grow up.”

So, are you looking forward to your midlife crisis now?!

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