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Five Summer Projects that Will Improve Your Mood

Five Summer Projects that Will Improve Your Mood

If you are finally ready to tackle your mood, and are enjoying the unusual sunshine of the summer, you might want to find yourself some small projects to keep you going and motivated. It is important that you set yourself some small goals and targets, so you stay focused and too busy to think about things that are not useful. Below you will find five ideas that will get you going all summer and even improve some of your skills.


Photo by  Manuel Sardo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Manuel Sardo on Unsplash

It is never too late to start your gardening. Whether you would like to tackle the moss and weed in your lawn or plant some shrubs around the patio, you can create a plan. Buy some colourful flowers to improve your mood, and design the right garden that will keep you happy, relaxed, and content. You can buy small shrubs and bushes or plant trees that you care about. In the summer, you might even experiment with germinating some tropical seeds, such as orange or avocado.

Walking Challenge

If you would like to make the most out of this summer and enjoy the fresh air, why not join a local walking or ramblers’ club? You will not only see more of your environment and explore new routes, but hopefully also make new friends. You can set yourself a weekly walking challenge, starting with just a couple of miles and regularly increasing it. Fresh air and exercise are the greatest enemies of depression.

Car Repair

To get your hands dirty and take your mind off your problems and frustrations, you might even tackle that long overdue car repair project. You can search for service kits and find cheap Vauxhall Mokka parts, hunt for upgrade kits on eBay, and make it a fun and rewarding project.



The dry summer also presents a great opportunity to tackle the DIY projects at home. You might refresh your living room, get some new curtain poles and add some colour to your home, or simply paint the bathroom. No matter which task you set yourself, you will need all your energy to get the supplies, learn new skills, such as wallpapering and tiling, and take your mind off the dark thoughts.

Photo by  Charles Deluvio   on  Unsplash

Learning to Cook Fresh

There is a special relationship between our diet and mental health. The healthier your diet is, the better your body will be able to deal with stress. You might find time to sign up for a cooking course locally and learn how to create delicious meals from scratch, instead of relying on microwave food and takeaways all the time. Do you have a favourite cuisine you would like to learn cooking? Search for Italian, Chinese, and Indian cooking classes and make friends at the same time.

Sometimes self-help is the best solution for those looking to improve their mental health. If you can find entertaining, fun, and rewarding projects to fill your summer, you will always have something to look forward to and wake up for in the morning.


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