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How to Look as Dashing as the Guys from Mad Men

How to Look as Dashing as the Guys from Mad Men


If you were a big fan of Mad Men and you loved the way the likes of Don Draper were dashingly dressed in the show, chances are that you might want to recreate the essence of the show’s style with a bit of a modern twist. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to do exactly that if you pay attention to the following tips…

Your Casual Should Be Smart

One of the first things you notice when watching Mad Men is that the people are always impeccably dressed. Even if they’re in a casual situation, you will see them dressed up to the nines. So, although you don’t have to be suited and booted even when you’re just heading to the supermarket or whatever, you should aim to be a bit smarter by wearing sports coats, v-neck sweaters, collared t-shirts, and chinos. Wave goodbye to your joggers!

Tailored Suits are Everything

If you want to look as dapper as Don Draper, then you need to have a wardrobe that’s brimming with slick suits, and you need those suits to be tailored so that they fit your body perfectly. Off the peg, suits may be cheaper, but they tend to be ill-fitting in at least one way which is why they need to be modified most of the time.

Ideally, you should have at least one black suit, one grey suit and one navy suit for variety.

Pair your suits with a crisp white shirt and a nice tie, and you will look amazing.

Your Haircut Should Be Sharp

If you want to look dashing, dapper and ready for business, then you need to have a really classic sharp haircut that is short at the back and sides and a bit longer on top.There are numerous variations of this cut so that you can experiment with your own style, but as long as it’s classic, sharp and clean cut, you will look effortlessly handsome.

You Should Be Clean Shaven

I know beards are big right now, but if it’s the classic Mad Men style you’re going for, your need to be clean shaven and as smooth as possible in the face department. Use ShaverGuide to ensure that you get the cleanest shave of your life. If your skin is smooth, soft and clear it will go a long way to portraying the kind of sophisticated look you’re after.

Don’t Forget Your Handkerchief

If you’ve paid attention to the fashion in Mad Men, you will have noticed that few of the men are ever seen without a handkerchief or pocket square protruding from their breast pocket. This is such a simple thing, but it can elevate any outfit to the next level and ensure that your suit stands out. This is one area where you can afford to go bold and experiment with pattern.

Smart Shoes are Essential

Last, but by no means least, you’re going to want to wear a high-quality pair of leather oxford or monk strap shoes which are always clean and polished (black is best)_ to ensure that you look dashing from head to toe.

Happy shopping!


*this is a collaborative post*

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