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Fashion Trends For Guys That Work But Really Shouldn’t

Fashion Trends For Guys That Work But Really Shouldn’t

We’ve all seen the men that pull off any fashion trend. It’s annoying! Not just because they look good, but because some of the choices clearly shouldn’t work. Yet, some guys put on a bed sheet and get admiring glances from men and women alike. Granted, this ensemble looks amazing at a toga party, but not at a swanky cocktail bar on a Saturday night. So, it seems that for every commandment that says you should or shouldn’t do something, there is an exception to the rule. In fact, there are four and you can find them underneath.


Once upon a time, this material was a favourite of grandparents that loved the texture and the warmth. Oh, and they thought it was quite cool too. Nowadays, every hipster within a ten-mile radius is buying up as much corduroy as possible and storing it away. Whether in the form of a modern shirt or a bomber jacket, corduroy is in because it’s different and appeals in a variety of different shades. Just beware that the substitute teacher cliché is around for a reason. The material can make you look older and slightly boring if you don’t do it right, i.e. not tailored to fit.


Borg Jackets

Do you know who used to wear one of these? A guy named Johnny Vaughan who hosted the morning TV show The Big Breakfast. Believe me; there weren’t hoards of young people looting vintage shops back in the late 90s to early 2000s. Oh, how times have changed, because, in 2018 you can’t move for jackets with a borg lining. Designers are even mixing corduroy and fur to make a super material! To be fair, with a denim number, preferably black, it adds a fantastic level of contrast as well as warmth.


In a hot, dusty country, sandals are perfect attire. In this country, they seem pointless until you take a look at the shoes behind the mask. For one thing, they are incredibly cooling and that makes them stylish with a hell of a lot of substance. Okay, heat isn’t an overwhelming factor in the UK, but the temperature can rise in spring and summer. Don’t forget that they are flexible and go with almost anything. Sandals are men's shoes that you can pair with shorts, jeans, and even corduroy trousers if you have the cojones. They truly are a staple of a modern man’s wardrobe.


Short-Sleeved, Flowery Shirts

This isn’t Miami, so why are you wearing Tony Montana’s best evening wear?! Everywhere you look, there is a person in a flowery shirt that has short-sleeves and you want to hate is so much but can’t. Do you know why? It’s because, with the right accessories, the style is edgy and crisp. For instance, put said shirt with a slim pair of chinos and loafers and you’re onto a winner. In this summer, this outfit has a wow factor as well as a natural cooling agent.

Can you think of any other examples?


*This is a collaborative post*

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