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Urban-Chic, It’s a Thing

Urban-Chic, It’s a Thing

Urban and chic might not always have been two closely intertwining terms in the past, but they sure are now. They sure are now because, quite frankly, urban-chic is a thing. In fact, it’s not just a thing, it’s well and truly in! And, if you want to unleash your urban and embrace the chicness of it, then it’s high time you started giving your wardrobe a definitively urbanised makeover.

To see what you would have to do with such an urban wardrobe makeover, and to see how you can unleash your urban with your clothing choices without going ‘too urban’, make sure to read on.


Start off with the feet… get a pair of Timberlands

Timberland boots are not new, that much is for certain. They are, however, just about as fashionably urban as a form of footwear can get, in part mainly to the fact that they are an icon of hip-hop style. And, if an item of clothing is an icon in the field of hip-hop, then it most certainly makes it into the category of urban-chic!

So, if you don’t already own a pair of Timberlands then make sure you get out there and buy some quick before the winter is over because these boots look extra stylish when worn in cold, harsh conditions. Or, if you’ve got an old pair of Timbs hiding away in your shoe closet, then dig them out and bring them back to life.

Get yourself a STYLISH tracksuit

Nothing screams urban on the legs and torso more than a tracksuit. But, if you want to add a bit of chic to that urban, then you’re going to have to be very picky with your tracksuit choices. Simply, you’re going to have to ensure that you are only ever choosing, buying and then wearing tracksuits that are STYLISH, such as those provided at Seek Attire. This means never going to tracksuits that are ill-fitting, i.e. too baggy. This means never going to brands that are deemed out of fashion. And this means never wearing your hood up for any reason other than when you ears are freezing — yes, it’s about how you wear your clothing choices, too, that makes them chic!

Adhere to the hat styles of the day

Every style slips in and out of fashion at some point in their existence, that’s just the way the world of fashion works. And, hats, particularly different styles of hats, are no different. Yes, hat styles slip in and out of fashion just as much as other styles do, and if you want to truly embrace urban-chic fashion then you’re going to have to adhere to whatever hat style is in play on the day you come to do so. And, a bit of advice on this matter as of today is that fitted caps are a big no-no, so avoid them at all costs!

If you take just one thing away from this article, let it be that you should never be afraid to unleash your urban!

For more advice on how to get your finger on the pulse of the latest styles in casual wear, make sure to head here.


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