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How To Save Money On Car Repairs

How To Save Money On Car Repairs


Car repairs can be one of the biggest expenses of owning a car. If you’re tired of having to take out a loan every time you visit the mechanics, why not try some of these cost cutting tricks to spend less on repairs.

Shop around

It’s always worth collecting multiple quotes on repairs as prices can vary from one repair centre to the next. Some repair centres may charge very low prices to make up for a bad reputation, so it’s worth reading reviews before automatically going with the cheapest price. Besides, you may be able to negotiate with your preferred mechanic by offering a price match. There are sites that you can use to compare repair centres in your area.

Source your own parts

You can save a lot of money by sourcing your own parts. Most repair centres will try to make a profit on any parts they order in. By ordering your own parts, you won’t be paying this extra commission. There are many online sites where you can find niche spares such as these Vauxhall car parts. Partially worn parts can save you money, but are generally not worthwhile if too worn as you’ll likely be replacing them again in the near future.

Do easy fixes yourself

Going DIY can also save you a lot of money – providing you have the tools and know what you’re doing. Whilst you may not want to attempt anything too complex, there are plenty of easy fixes that can be done yourself such as replacing a headlight bulb or even a brake pad. The likes of Youtube offer plenty of guides that can take you through these repairs. Even if you don’t feel confident doing these fixes, you may have a friend or family member who you can call upon to attempt them for cheap.

Invest in preventative repairs

Paying for preventative repairs may not seem like a way to save money, but it could be in the long run. Something as simple as replacing a worn tyre early could prevent extra wear to the brake pad as well as reducing possible suspension damage. Leave it too late and you could find that these other parts also need fixing/replacing. A mechanic will generally tell you if something looks like it could be a problem in the future – consider weighing up the option of fixing it there and then rather than waiting until it’s severe and costlier to repair.

Drive more smoothly

Harsh braking and hard acceleration can put more stress on your car’s parts. By smoothening out your driving, you could get longer use out of these parts. Other good driving habits could involve removing excess weight such as an empty roof rack or belongings in the boot that aren’t being used – when the car is lighter, you put less strain on the tires and suspension, plus you don’t have to use as much gas to get the car going.

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