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Making Your Photographs Pop

Making Your Photographs Pop


We live in a visual generation. It is estimated that there are around 7.5 billion people in the world and 5 billion are estimated to have a phone. Most of these devices will have a camera of some sort. So think about just how many images are taken on these every single day. That’s before we even take actual cameras, both film and digital, into account. It’s estimated that in 2017 alone around 14 trillion photographs have been taken. We then share this images for various reasons from a whole host of platforms. Our Instagram feeds serve as a visual journal of our day to day lives. We use snapchat to send selfies to one another when we’re having a particularly good hair and face day. We change profile pictures on Facebook. We add images to our professional profiles. We add images of products to our websites to sell goods to customers. The list goes on and on. Though our pictures vary drastically in subject matter and purpose, they all share one thing: we want them to look as good and as impressive as possible. So, here are a few different things you can do to make your images pop.


Edit Your Images

Even the worst raw image can be improved drastically with a little editing. So, whether you’ve snapped a shot in a spur of the moment decision or set up a specific shoot, remember that editing is your friend. Nowadays, editing is easier than ever. Various apps allow you to add filters to your images and make subtle changes such as editing lighting, contrast, levels, and tones. For more options, however, you’re likely to have to make use of professional image editing software. Perhaps the most popular and most commonly used is Adobe Photoshop. This can be a little complex to operate at first, but as you become increasingly familiar with the controls, your skills will rapidly expand. There are plenty of Youtube tutorials out there, or you could always attend advanced photoshop Training classes to really get to grips with the software.


Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Something that greatly affects any image is the lighting. The word “photograph” itself goes to prove this. After all, it is formed from the Greek “photos” (meaning light) and “graphe” (meaning drawing). In short, photograph kind of translates to light drawing! Wherever possible, try to use natural lighting. This tends to be the most flattering type of lighting, no matter what you’re taking a picture of. If you’re taking pictures at times or in locations where natural light isn’t available, remember that it can easily be replicated. This can be achieved with professional lighting setups or even circle lights that can be clipped onto the front of your smartphone!

Using just these two tips will greatly improve the quality of your images. Whether you use them to your professional advantage or simply want to improve your personal photographs, you will reap the benefits in next to no time. So, start trying them out for yourself!

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