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Dress Like A Modern Gentleman

Dress Like A Modern Gentleman


If you fancy changing up your style this year and having a go at dressing more like a dapper gentleman, you might be surprised at how simple it is to achieve that effortlessly cool and suave kinda look.

Dressing up like a gentleman is all about the way you look after your clothes and maintaining that fresh appearance all over. You’ll want to get out the iron, find your best belt and trim that beard a little.

1. Roll your shirt sleeves

One of the best ways to make you look cool and collected is to roll up your shirt sleeve and reveal those arms. However, the way which you roll up your sleeves can have an effect on the way it looks, so you need to do it in the right way. Start off by flipping back the cuff and pulling it all the way up to just below your elbow. Now that you’ve done this you can start to fold the sleeve up slowly until you reach the same point. The beauty with doing it this way is that you trap the cuff and it means your sleeves won’t roll down during the day.

2. Pack a suit right

When you pack up your suit, the last thing you want to do is cause a load of creases making it need a trip to the dry cleaners. To keep your suit packed safely until you want to wear it again, wrap it is tissue paper and place in a bag.

3. What to do with jacket buttons and cuffs

There seems to be a bit of confusion on when the right occasion is to do up your jacket button or leave it open. However, there is a solution which covers both. You should always do the middle button up, never do the bottom button, and if you are at a formal event you can do up the top button. Cufflinks are a piece which you might only want to wear for formal occasions, such as these Deakin & Francis cufflinks.

4. Match your dress shoes

Always try to match your shoes to what you are wearing. This doesn’t, however, mean they need to be the same colour. For example, with navy chinos, a pair of either navy or brown suede shoes can go fantastically. If you are wearing a light grey suit, tan shoes are a great pairing. Feel free to mix and match as long as it fits the outfit.

5. Invest in quality shoe trees

As we said earlier, the maintainable of your clothing is just as important as what you decide to wear. When you put your shoes away it is important to use good quality shoe trees to hold their shape and keep the leather from warping or cracking. They will also help to absorb moisture from your shoes to keep them healthy.

6. Cedar Wood Hangers

This last one is important. To keep your suits safe and shaped, hang your suits on cedar wood hangers. Cedarwood is a natural moth repellent so it will keep your suits from being eaten. They also absorb moisture to prevent mould and rot.

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