I’ve been making lots of progress recently and as I start to rebuild my life I have been trying to do more and more each day.

I am currently living at my Uncle and Auntie’s house for multiple reasons which I will go into further in another post but for the most part, this has allowed me to make the progress I have been seeing.

I have been driving out to Alrewas and places nearby for the last week or so as part of learning to live with my anxiety. The drive is about 15 minutes or so which is still relatively out of my comfort zone to be this far directly from home.

I’ve also been having problems with my stomach again which hasn’t helped matters and made making this progress slightly more difficult. Eventually, a day came where my stomach was calm and the desire to do more was back. So I took a drive like any other day with my camera bag in tow and unlike the other times I felt able to park up and take a walk to explore and capture some photos.

It felt good to achieve what I had set out to do maybe even more due to the difficulties I have faced the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately due to the cold weather and being met relatively quickly by a huge downpour my journey was cut short and I didn’t get to capture quite as many images as I would have liked.

Scroll down to have a look at the images I took.