Last weekend I was looking for somewhere new to visit that was also close to home because I do still have limitations to where I can travel to. On a positive note, the difficulties with my mental health are easing up with the help of therapy and my persistence in getting out and pushing myself whilst using everything I’ve learnt in therapy.

The National Memorial Arboretum is a place I’d seen signposted whilst driving recently out to Staffordshire. I also came across it whilst exploring the Enjoy Staffordshire website.

The National Memorial Arboretum is the UK’s year-round centre of Remembrance; a spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice, and fosters pride in our country. It is a living and lasting memorial.

Since planting began in 1997, the National Memorial Arboretum has been a special place honouring those who have served, and continue to serve, our nation in many different ways. Our staff and volunteers look forward to welcoming you.

It’s not a cemetery. It’s a place of life, represented by the 30,000 trees planted here, where older and younger generations alike can wander and wonder.

Covering 150 acres, the Arboretum has something for everyone. For some it’s a wonderful place to stroll and enjoy the trees; for others it’s a peaceful and beautiful place to remember loved ones, particularly those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

The trees and the more than 300 dedicated memorials on our site make the Arboretum a living tribute that will forever acknowledge the personal sacrifices made by the Armed Forces and civil services of this country.

Importantly, the focus isn’t totally military. There is a large area devoted to Police who have fallen while on duty, as well as other areas devoted to the Fire and Rescue and Ambulance services. National charities representing those who have died in particular circumstances, including children, are also to be found in the Arboretum grounds.

*taken from the National Memorial Arboretum website itself.

The site is magnificent from the buildings to the memorials to the sheer amount of trees and how pristine everything is kept all year round.

I felt a certain sense of sadness walking around. It really put into perspective the world we live in, to where there is such a staggering place for the number of people who have given/sacrificed their life for their country. However, at the same time, I had a sense of happiness and admiration for each and every person who is being remembered for what they did for their country.

Even though I am not the most patriotic of people I really enjoyed wandering around reading and viewing the beautiful memorials. The volunteers were fantastic and incredibly helpful and friendly.

I would highly recommend anyone to go and visit the National Memorial Arboretum. Parking it £3 all day and access to the grounds is free of charge. There is a cafe and shop also on-site to check out as well.

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