What I Plan To Focus On


Monday is the start of the week. A day to look ahead for the week coming. Set goals and look at what I want to focus on.

This gives me a chance to keep track of what I am trying and possibly filter out things which aren't working and look at areas I can improve.

Week commencing 16/01/2017

A lot of positives came from last week. There were a few really good days. My mental health issues filtering into the background at times and almost learning to live with them.

Many of the things I focused on last week I will be sticking with. Potentially changing them as well. I want to see if the changes will have any different affect.

I think I may have put too much pressure on myself too soon last week. That may be a result of me not being a very patient person. I almost want everything to work right now. I'm learning again that things take time.

The first focus this week is again;


My most important focus. Sleep is massive for me and really can ruin my whole day. Very similar to last week but I want to try sleeping a bit earlier so I can wake up earlier. This will play into one of my other focuses later on.


I definitely jumped the gun on this one a bit last week. I don't think I am quite in a position where a calorie controlled diet, especially eating at a deficit, is going to work for me right now. So going forward I want to focus on eating three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop those periods of not eating and then binging.

Getting the routine in place first I can then go back to the calorie controlled diet at a later date.


Another of last weeks focuses but again a big one. Everyone talks about exercise realising good endorphins and it really does. Dependant on how low I get I will always try and exercise. It's only when I get at those really low points which throw me off and I feel as though I can't.

I managed to go to the gym a couple of times last week. So this week I want to try and go at least 3 times. I don't want to put that pressure on myself yet that I need to go 5/6 times a week.

Now I mentioned earlier that I wanted to wake up earlier each day. The reason behind this is I often go the gym later in the day with my mate. What I want to try and do is get up earlier and go for a run or do some form of cardio. I believe incorporating a bit of exercise early in the morning will benefit me by releasing those endorphins as early as possible.

I will also be football training. I'm not too sure if I want to play this Saturday. I haven't been enjoying playing at the weekend recently. I could use the few hours I play football on a Saturday to do something I find more enjoyable at the moment. Saturday is a long way off yet and I will decide nearer the time.


I have used mindfulness a lot in the past. To be fair I still use it as and when I need it but I want to incorporate 10 minutes into each day. It helped me massively with my anxiety and I want to explore it further in terms of helping me with my other mental health issues.

Going forward I will find 10 minutes a day to practise being mindful.

I plan on writing a post about mindfulness and it's benefits, so look out for that.

Getting out and about

I had been getting and about a lot more recently. Really enjoying being out walking. Taking my camera with me as well.

Last week I found myself making a lot of excuses. At least a couple of days this week I want to get out and go for a walk regardless of the weather or anything else.

It is a time I can really enjoy to myself or with others. I can be 100% mindful and enjoy everything around me. It makes me appreciate life so much. This will also tie into my photography being able to experience new places and capture more moments.


These are the areas I want to mainly focus on this week. I'm trying not to get carried away too much and try and do everything.

This is a journey after all. It is going to take time.

The big end game is too not have these incredibly low periods in my life and find happiness and enjoyment in everything I do. One day I will get to that point.