Through The Lens | Photos From The Past Week

I have always enjoyed being behind a camera and in front of them for that matter. Going forward every Friday I will share a collection of photos I have taken over the course of the previous week. I am keen to improve my photography skills and being more creative is one of the things that is continuing to help with my mental health and this will allow me to keep on track with it.

You can also see more of my photography here and check out the gallery of all my photos (gallery is best viewed on a desktop for optimum viewing experience).

There is something incredibly therapeutic about being creative.

Nothing beats that feeling of proudness you get from creating something. Whether you choose to share your creativity or not, that's up to you. For me sharing my creativity feels normal in this day and age. We live in a society where social media plays such a massive part in peoples lives anyway.

Looking back through my 21 years of being alive, I can always remember being quite creative as a child. As I grew up though, society deems it more acceptable to become an academic. I suppose that is usually down to the money aspect and more often than not, job security.

I am more content with just being happy and that is what I strive for. Being out with my camera taking pictures and then spending the time editing them is something right now that is making me happy and I am enjoying.

Here are some photos I have taken over the last week;