More Days Like This

The weekend had arrived. To be fair everyday at the moment feels like a weekend. I lose track of my days far too easy but it meant most people were off work and I had arranged to see a friend I had not seen in a few months.

This particular friend we have a lot in common, for instance a love for fashion and the more creative things in life.

The day had started with me waking up very groggy and feeling low. Unfortunately I'm used to it now. It's a daily struggle.

I dragged myself from my pit and got ready and picked up my friend and headed to Nottingham.

One of the things I've always wanted to do is find them quaint little coffee shops where they are kind of hidden away and you have to seek them out. Somewhere I can relax and not be judged, a place to think, to go and read a book, to write, to edit pictures and not be in an overcrowded Costa or Starbucks being overcharged and feeling robbed.

Well that's just where we went today. A couple of doors down from Jamie Olivers restaurant in the centre of Nottingham, this small coffee shop was relatively busy but had an atmosphere about the place which made you feel at home. Everyone engrossed in conversation, enjoying the food or drink they had in front of them.

We found a table at the back of the shop, the furniture was very rustic and we were sat on a couple of benches. I really love and appreciate design, you can tell someone has taken their time and put a lot of effort into what they are presenting to you and not only the interior design but the menu was on a wooden board with a clip holding all the different sized pieces of paper with the menu written on them intrigued me and not only that but the wooden board fit into another piece of wood acting as a base so it stood upright on the table and can be removed.

When I go out to eat now, I'm always looking to have new experiences and I decided to go for something I usually would never order.

The food was unreal. You could tell again someone had taken their time to make what was being placed in front of me. The presentation I couldn't fault either along with the service.

When I am in Nottingham in the future I will definitely be making another visit. For anyone wondering it's called Cartwheel Cafe and Roastery.

From there we wondered up to Nottingham Contemporary and had a walk round there. We frequently visit there as it's always free and they have some fantastic exhibitions on.

I always have my camera with me. So as we were walking round we were looking out for some places to grab a few photos as well. We got talking to a couple of lads out doing the same thing and asked them to grab a photo for us which you can see below.

Although a very good day and I had spent the whole day doing what I enjoy. I still find myself not feeling great. The whole time there is something there holding me back. Not allowing me to fully enjoy anything. It was less than usual but I found myself zoning in and out of conversations and not being able to hold my focus. Something I am noticing more and more and it's never been part of my character before.

Sleep is coming few and far. Laying awake at night. Then I find myself up all night writing or editing pictures keeping me preoccupied from falling into a lower mood.

Small steps though and I'm in a lot better place than I was compared to last week.