It Snuck Up And Got Me Again


I've been doing really well. I definitely haven't been giving myself enough credit for how well I've been doing.

The good has been outweighing the bad and I haven't really felt that depressed. The anxiety had become more prominent again but it was liveable.

Life, in general, was good and I have been saying that I am currently the happiest I have been in such a long time from where I've been.

That was until today.

I woke up with the weight of the world on my shoulders. My mind telling me something isn't right and to go back to sleep. It wasn't worth getting up today.

Then an order popped up on my phone, I had sold some more clothes. I dragged myself from my pit, got ready and headed off to the post office. For the moment things were looking on the up. I had plenty of bits and bobs which needed doing today, I won't bore you with what they were. I managed to get through more or less all of them but there was no sense of achievement today.

Instead, I resorted back to my bed. It wasn't my intention but it was where I found myself. A lack of energy. A loss of interest in everything. Unable to concentrate. Unable to think straight and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I can't remember the last time I slept during the day. It is completely out of my current character.

I haven't felt like this in a while, well to this extent anyway.

The last couple of days I haven't quite been feeling myself. A couple of situations I have found myself in, I believe led to those low moods but to wake up feeling like this is strange.

It is still affecting my life massively.

I chased up my psychiatrist appointment today and they said I should be getting a letter in the next couple of weeks.

When they six to ten weeks originally, I didn't actually expect it to take ten.

Oh well, hopefully, something good of it will come when it finally happens.