Differentiating Between My Mental Health Problems and Life

I've been writing this blog for the best part of the last three months. I have made a lot of changes in my life up until this point and come such a long way.

Another week down and one that ended well. A few hiccups in the middle that definitely tested me but we got through it.

New feelings and thoughts keeping appearing which I'm trying to make sense of. Old ones which I suppressed, that I didn't want to believe, are reappearing.

It's difficult to understand what is and isn't a factor affecting my mental health.

I guess so much of what is going on is just life. 

I'm having battles with my own mind searching for something which maybe isn't there. Or, maybe it is. I'm still so lost.

Anytime I think I get close to understanding what I am going through, something else gets thrown into the mix. 

Will I ever fully understand? Who knows.

On the other hand;

Maintaining my current lifestyle has helped significantly. I said at the start of this post that it was still a roller coaster. I think I am mistaken. It is nowhere close to what it was. 

I seem to bounce back so quick, right now it is hard to think about when it has been really bad. Sure I still get down but nowhere near to how I was. 

There are good days and alright days. Not bad days. My days aren't a blur. I see the point in life. I have goals again. I'm achieving stuff every day. 

I've always been hard on myself and don't give myself enough credit. I'm trying to change that. 

My mindset is positive most of the time. I'm not used to this. But, I like it.

I am still trying to get back to work. A couple of jobs have fallen through but I am a big believer in things happening for a reason and something good is just around the corner.

The future is bright. Hopefully, great things to come.

I am in a pretty good place currently.


I have been re-reading Matt Haig's - Reasons To Stay Alive.