Depression & Another Trip To The Doctors

Yesterday was a blur, a feeling I’ve felt far too often over the last few months. An improvement on the night before but still not great.

I was dragged back to the doctors to hear the same spiel that I’ve heard countless amount of times before.

Having medication pushed on me as if its the only thing they are capable of doing. Not listening to how it’s not working or care how I am actually coping.

For the most of my visit I didn’t want to be there and if it wasn’t for me being the well mannered person I’ve been raised to be, I would have got up and walked out and maybe threw in some expletives at how the NHS doesn’t give a shit about me.

What did come out of my visit was a prescription for sleeping tablets, a referral to a psychiatrist and another visit back to see the doctor in a weeks time.

This is probably the most continuity of care I’ve had yet and yet it is nowhere near to what I expect it to be.

This morning I went for a coffee with an old friend who reached out to me after reading something I had wrote. It was good to see him again and have a good chat and share how we are feeling. It’s moments like this that realisation sets in that other people are going through the exact same thing I am. That myself and everyone else struggling with mental health difficulties aren’t alone.

We need to come together to help each other as well as seek professional help as well.

There is far too much stigma surrounding mental health and more often than not we need more help than most.

If you know someone suffering or struggling, ask them how they are feeling? how there day is going? Send a message out of the blue and let them know you are there for them and that they can open up to you.

Help someone today and help yourself.

I am here for you. Just remember that.