What Camera & Equipment Do I Use To Take My Photos?


I've always enjoyed being behind a camera (and in front of it for that matter), capturing a moment in time, a beautiful place, an amazing sunset or landscape but it has always been a hobby. At times I thought of taking it more serious when I was younger, however, in the end, I always ended up being deterred for a variety of reasons.

Since getting my first DSLR my love for photography has grown and grown and I am continuously adding to my camera gear to be able to get the best photos possible for my blog/website, instagram, jobs and everything else. 

I am currently using the Nikon D3300. It is a great entry-level DSLR capable of capturing fantastic images and enabling you to learn photography without spending an absolute fortune on gear. (There is a newer version, the Nikon D3400 that has been released since I bought mine.)

The two lens I currently have are the Nikon 18-55mm which came with the camera and the 55-200mm which I picked up a couple of months ago. Between these two lenses, I have the ability to capture a wide range of different photographs and try my hand at different types of photography. I would like to add a macro lens and some fixed focal length lenses eventually.

Having a tripod is crucial in certain situations. As it really helps stabilise your photos especially if you need to shoot at a lower shutter speed. The Amazon Basics tripod is a great affordable product and has never let me down. I also use a Joby grip tripod for my iPhone photography, possibly one of my products I have purchased and I feel lost since I broke it not long back.

A few other bits I have picked up are a Nikon wireless adapter which allows me to sync my photos from my DSLR to my iPhone via a downloadable app. Some ND and UV filters and also hoods for my lenses. The final product is Remote Control Shutter Release, it is very useful when using a tripod to further reduce camera shake without having to physically touch the camera to capture the image.

At the bottom of the page, you will find all the links to the products mentioned above.

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