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25 Signs I Know It Is Getting Bad Again

25 Signs I Know It Is Getting Bad Again


As anyone with a mental disorder will know, our disorders are very erratic, they can change quickly an often but also they can stay in both good and bad patches for long periods of time. We all wish we could prevent the bad patches and in my experience they often seem as if they come out of nowhere, however, if you look closely there are lots of signs we can pick up on to see the decline happening and then take steps to stop it from spiralling out of control or changing quite so often.

Below are 24 signs I have noticed when my mental health starts to decline again;

  • Becoming hyper aware

  • Thinking a lot more / Spending more time in your own head

  • More negative thoughts

  • Less interest in doing anything

  • Not wanting to socialise

  • Isolating myself from everyone

  • Finding it harder to concentrate

  • Feeling nauseas

  • Stomachache

  • Needing to go the bathroom constantly

  • Excessive sweating

  • Increased heart rate

  • Feeling as if something awful is going to happen

  • Being on edge

  • Not wanting to eat

  • Easily agitated

  • More irritable

  • Fatigued and tired

  • Body tension and aching muscles

  • Having more panic attacks than usual

  • Low mood

  • Erratic mood swings

  • Staying in bed

  • Not wanting to get washed and dressed

  • Struggling to fall asleep and sleeping longer than usual


Please stay strong and keep fighting. The bad days will pass and it always gets better.

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