Welcome to my website. My name is Ethan Kent. I started this blog to share my struggles with my Mental Health and It has now grown into an outlet to share my creativity with the world. You will find posts on my blog about Mental Health & Wellbeing, Fashion & Style and Photography.


Haven't got round to writing in a while. Everything had been going well, I was getting on with my life and barely even noticing my mental health problems holding me back. Back to work had been going well and people around me had even noticed how well I was doing and then today I woke up and I just knew that I didn't feel right again.

I was over taken by a low mood yet again, almost depressed if anything but I wasn't sure why. I should have noticed a couple of days ago looking back at it but I can't change that now. I've been on the verge of tears yet again, for me that's a big deal because as a rule I don't cry, I've been struggling to sleep and then sleeping too long and not wanting to get up.

I haven't even wanted to talk about it because I've just got past the point of most conversations revolving around my anxiety and it's been nice for it not always to be a focus for the last few weeks.

Today I've tried to find whats been the trigger/s this time and I can't put my finger on it, if anything I thought everything had been going so well and was quite happy and content with things, I've nearly finished my business plan, I now have a registered company, I'm back at work and earning money, I've been out to town often and actually just been out to see people and not always spend time on my own.

I'm going to make more of conscious effort to keep on top of the things my therapist taught me to do and try and beat this before it gets too far and tomorrows a new day and hopefully I wake up and feel better.