Welcome to my website. My name is Ethan Kent. I started this blog to share my struggles with my Mental Health and It has now grown into an outlet to share my creativity with the world. You will find posts on my blog about Mental Health & Wellbeing, Fashion & Style and Photography.


Recently I've been back to how most people know me to be, not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it's nice to not be asked how I am 24/7 and to be treated like I am better and I am to an extent. Everything is looking up recently and I feel so much better in myself, I am able to control the worry that I have better than previous to a point that I only notice it rarely and when I do worry I can rationalise with myself and not overthink every situation.
The only slightly negative thing I have to say really is that now my therapy has finished and I'm in a period of waiting till I start my new therapy, I feel as though I don't have someone to keep me on track with everything I am supposed to be doing and on a few occasions I fine it difficult to keep myself motivated.

Going back to work was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. There was obvious anxiety because I started sleeping a lot more than usual which is one of my tells as well as getting really agitated with those closest to me and being more difficult to be around. After that initial weekend of being back at work though yesterday I was fine and had no problems going in.
I almost feel like I have a different outlook on everything and I sort of owe that to everyone who has sent me messages or been there to talk to and offer any advise and also when I do have things on my mind and I am particularly anxious I don't worry about not having anyone to turn to because I now have so many people around me who I can talk to and they have some understanding of what I am going through.
I really just want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and has helped me through this difficult period in my life. Thank you.