Finally Some Sleep

I can't believe it. It seems like forever since I managed to sleep at a reasonable time and get a full uninterrupted nights sleep.

There may have been a small amount of alcohol consumption which may have helped but I'm just happy I wasn't lay awake all night.

I had been trying to put in place a sleeping pattern for the best part of the last week and I am struggling significantly with doing so. Hopefully from here I have more success and I believe getting a better nights sleep along with eating will help me combat my depression.

I woke up this morning to a text from the mental health team. They had rang me over the weekend to offer me an earlier appointment for counselling. The text was a reminder that my appointment with them had now changed to this Thursday coming.

I felt a small bit of relief that something had finally gone my way for the first time in awhile but so many people including myself in the past, have given up due to the long periods of time that we have to wait.

We need the help now. Not in 6 weeks.

An hour is all it could take for someone suffering with depression to start feeling so low that they may take their life.

I'm lucky right now I am actively helping myself and have not been getting as low as I was but since I sent off for more therapy through the NHS, I've been through of the top of my head 5 really bad patches. One of them being the worst I have felt over the last 4 years.

More needs to be done in terms of helping people suffering with their mental health. We have a free health care in place in this country yet so many people end up paying for private health care for a better continuity of care.

Private health care is something I have often considered because of the very reasons I have said but unfortunately due to my circumstances having had to leave my job at the start of December I don't have much money coming in and can't afford the luxury of paying for something I so desperately need and have to wait for the NHS.

Lets just hope something good comes of the therapy and it won't have been a wait for no reason.