About Me


My name is Ethan Kent. I am 23 years old from Derby, UK. 

I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder & Depression. I initially created my blog to share my story and the struggles I have been through and continue to go through every day. I also wanted to educate those who do not know what it feels like or understand and to help those who do suffer whether in a similar way to myself or along the same lines and make them feel not so alone. As I get and try various methods of help I continue to share my ongoing story of getting the help I need and keeping those interested in my journey informed on how it is all going and possibly opening peoples eyes to different kinds of help available. 

During this difficult time in my life, I have rediscovered and found new passions and along the way, I have incorporated those into my blog.

The first being Fashion & Style. I have always been someone who cared about his self-image and how he looks and that transpired from my physical appearance to the clothes I wore and how I wore them. Being the vain person I am I very much enjoy taking photos of myself and showing off the clothes I wear and I hope I can inspire others in doing so. I have also been very fortunate over the years to work with some amazing brands on collaborations and I hope to continue doing so.

The second was Photography. For as long as I remember I wanted to pursue photography but for one reason or another I never did, however, due to buying a DSLR camera for a business venture in 2014, I slowly found myself using my camera more and more for personal photography and capturing images and exploring the art of photography. Before long I was taking images I was incredibly proud of and wanted to share them with my blog audience. 

You can read my blog or check out my photography gallery.

I am constantly updating this space and adding new things, so stick around and keep an eye out for my next project. If you want to help support the blog become a Patron

I welcome PR / sponsorships and media enquires that I see fitting with my content. If you are interested in working together head over to the contact page or send me an email to ekent1995@gmail.com




Brands I have worked with