With my stomach not in great shape, I was less inclined to travel far so I opted for the Hilton Nature Reserve for my next outing. Once a former gravel pits is now a beautiful 29 hectares nature reserve part of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Hidden away just off the A50 on the outskirts of Hilton you would have no idea it existed driving by.

On top of a bad stomach, a wet Sunday wasn’t doing any favours for my desire to get outdoors. Then I remembered I had recently decided I wasn’t going to let the weather stop me getting out and about so I pulled myself together, grabbed my camera, an umbrella and headed for the door.

Weekends are my least favourite time to get out and about. Everywhere is busier which then makes places more difficult to photograph. Oh, and there is the fact I like the solitude of being by myself in nature. Lucky for me the weather seemed to keep everyone indoors.

I didn’t know what to really expect. The couple of nature reserves I have been to recently haven’t been all that much. However, when I finally found the entrance and headed in I was blown away with how spectacular this place is. As I walked around I felt a million miles away from home. It was like being in a forest. There are beautiful footpaths carved out leading from one pond to another, to feeding stations and much more. The rain really brought this place to life and I am so glad I chose to embrace the weather rather than hide from it.

Check out the images I captured of Hilton Nature Reserve below;