We all have those days where we wake up with a plan, then that plan doesn’t play out as we had expected and then we feel disappointed. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

Catton Park is literally on a few miles away from where I am living at the moment and I have been meaning to go and have a walk around and take some pictures of the hall. I’ve actually driven past the hall a few times but either been on my way somewhere else, too anxious to stop or not had my camera with me, so Friday I decided I was finally going to get round to going.

Friday came around and the weather was beautiful. The winter sun was out and the temperature was the highest it has been for some time, which anything above a couple of degrees feels amazing at this time of year.

As I approached the hall I drove in the car park which was empty which isn’t very surprising for the time of year but as I got out the car I noticed no signs for guests or visitors or anything similar.

Being the anxious person I am I resorted back to my car and decided to google the hall and see if people were allowed around the grounds. As I had guessed there was nothing to say visitors were welcome on the grounds although you could hire them out which isn’t exactly what I was after.

Instead of just heading back I remembered there was a lay-by a few hundred meters down the road which had a pretty decent view of the hall which would allow me to at least grab one photo.

I pulled into the lay-by and put my 55-200mm lens on my camera body and snapped a few photos from the fence, fortunately, the camera lens along with my cropped sensor camera had just enough focal length to get a decent picture of the hall without having to crop the image within an inch of its life.

Check out the two images I captured below;