Kedleston Hall had been the next destination I had wanted to visit for quite a while. In recent years I had tried to visit but been unsuccessful for one reason or another. However, now a member of the National Trust it seemed the perfect opportunity to go.

I had waited for the weekend to pass in hope of a quieter visit to be able to capture the hall with fewer people around. So Monday morning I woke up and with some better weather I decided I had no reason not to get out for my next trip.

So it seems my recent stomach problems are nothing more than a really bad IBS flare up. I have had IBS since I was 14 but this last year has been one of the worst years to date living with it. Nether-the-less I was determined not to let this recent flare-up get the better of me. Generally, things seemed like they were improving. The abdominal pain was subsiding and was becoming more of occasional discomfort. A lot of the other symptoms were settling down but I wasn’t being as cautious as I should have been with my diet.

I won’t go into detail but with the added stress and anxiety of where I was going and the problems with my stomach, something did not sit right and my stomach problems increased yet again. On the way there I had to stop multiple times to use a bathroom. I then ended up in the bathroom for a considerable amount of time, in a considerable amount of pain whilst there and in the end, I had to cut my trip short only to drive home in a lot of pain feeling relatively sorry for myself. Not exactly how I had envisioned my day turning out!

Kedleston Hall

The current house was commissioned in 1759 however the Curzon family have owned the estate since 1297. In the 1970s the National Trust started to look after the estate apart from the 23-room family wing where the Curzon family still reside rent free as part of an agreement.

It was a real joy just to even just set eyes upon this amazing piece of architecture and I really enjoyed trying to capture it from as many different angles as possible.

The Estate

Kedleston estate is truly stunning across all 4000 acres of land. With the house above only taking up a fraction of that land, the rest is filled with livestock, rolling hills, woodlands, a river running through it, some smaller buildings and much more. The sheer size of the estate makes for some beautiful walks and a great day out.

Although I didn’t have the best day out myself during this trip, I can’t recommend a trip to Kedleston Hall enough. I will be back soon for sure.