April marked the month of my 21st birthday. I’m not one to make much of a big deal about my birthday so a chilled one at home surrounded by friends and some drinks and pizza was more than okay. Being my 21st though, I needed to do something to remember it by and hadn’t abroad for close to five years, a holiday seemed a must and so Amsterdam it was.

So the May bank holiday was the week after my birthday and we decided to jet off to Dam on Thursday and come back on Sunday. Having not really looked at what to do when we arrived or how to get around and more importantly where anything was, getting off the plane at 8 in the morning, we felt stranded and wondered aimlessly around outside the airport waiting for someone to come up with a plan.

We ended up jumping on the first bus that seemed to go towards the centre of Amsterdam and we were on our way. Bright blue sky’s and the sun beaming down I couldn’t believe our luck (but that didn’t last for long!).

The bus came to a stop and none of us having a clue where we were, we set off walking. I don’t think any of us were quite sure what we were looking for but sometime later we found the train station and everything started to look a bit more touristy so we assumed we were roughly where we needed to be and as the heavens opened we took shelter in a coffee shop (not the ones Amsterdam are famous for) to get some food and a drink.

Having only had at most 3 hours sleep the previous night due to flying so early we decided it was best to find the hostel and check in and for me, to take a quick nap.

Now, none of the others had checked out where we were staying and by the looks of the hostels, we had already walked past they weren’t expecting much. Walking down a street that in some ways reminded us of what we would expect Soviet Russia to look like we came across our humble abode for the next few nights.

As soon as we walked in there was a smile ear to ear spread across everyone’s face and I knew I had made a great choice with the accommodation and all for a relatively cheap price as well.

The next few days and nights were some to remember.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3